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Submitted on
October 20, 2010
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Justin Bieber VS lady gaga
me: do you go gaga for gaga? or do you have bieber fever? well, fangirls and fanguys, watch lady gaga and justin bieber fight it out!
justin bieber: you suck at singing
lady gaga: oh yeah?
justin bieber:yeah
lady gaga:well your ugly
justin bieber: oh yeah?
lady gaga: yeah
justin bieber: when you were a baby, baby, baby! (AHHHH!!) you looked like a deseased pickle with rabies (baby by bieber)
lady gaga: oh yeah? well you are ugly, you are a desease. if i could sell you i would you for free (bad romance by gaga)
justin bieber:when i was 13, you were 63 (baby by bieber)
lady gaga: i want a shotgun, to blast this guys face, cos to me, it looks like his fat ass! (bad romace by gaga)
justin bieber: Let me tell you one time... she was a kid, she was a kid, but now she's 91. (one time by bieber)
lady gaga: Get away! aint gonna be okay, with you around, your gay! your mum said it! (just dance by gaga)
justin bieber: i just need a big gun! to shoot your face off! (i just need somebody to love by bieber)
lady gaga: i think you are a gay, you are are a gay! (pokerface by gaga)
me: hate to break it up guys, but i have a surprise for you tonight
justin bieber: i hope it's not michael jackson
me: even better! Chuck Norris in a bumper car!
[Chuck Norris crashes onto the stage and runs over justin bieber and lady gaga]
me: thanks chucky!
fangirls fanguis and potter puppet pals: yay!
The End
i made this up one night and wrote it on a notepad, so i could submit it on dev. hope you like it!:)
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